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Sk Ladies at Blizzard WWI 2008
Paris France
Sk Ladies
Alice and Jane - Tourists
Sk Ladies
Sk Ladies
Lidy ghetto booty super cute pose
SK and WoW dancer contest winner
Fan asking question
ATI booth eating contest
WWI 2008 - entrance lineup :)
Sk Fan asking question
Hotel restaurant - breakfast
Sk ladies in front of Notre Dame
Hotel lobby
Hotel lobby
Hotel lobby
ATI booth - Sk WoW PVE interview and crowd
Potter interviewing Markus from SK WoW PVE
Jane and Potter at the airport
Jane and Alice in the tram
Jso and Jane getting ready
Jso and Lidy at the Louvre
Sk ladies eating Korean BBQ
Korean food
Korean restaurant
Lidy and Potter - Notre Dame
Christine's cute pose attempt . . . .
Real famases
LOL Alice - Nice legs
LOL Jane
Pew pew - 2 thumbs up
LOL dentures??????????
at the louvre
main stage downstairs
statue in front of notre dame
interviewing SK WoW team
river near the louvre
on our way to notre dame!!
the guys with a fan
potter with jane
Potter interviewing Markus from SK WoW PVE
potter and her two only fans
picture of the river when we got off the metro
view from the roof of our hotel
the winner of the WoW dance and the runner up on his left
Sk Ladies and the WoW team
the group of SK who was at the booth
the section of the event where people can test out starcraft 2
waiting for the tram!! look how happy lidy is... LOL
taking picture with the police and in every single picture ali gets cut off..
to the metro!
working hard at the booth
we swear we were working just as hard as christine..............
handling the fans from stage
the beginnings of the WoW dance contest..................
dancer #1..
dancer #2..
dancer #3...
dancer #5...
dancer #4...
Sk Ladies sitting down
Potter - failed attempt to hold tower
Potter - mildly stroking the eiffel tower

Visits: 125,475


29 Jun 2008

Sk Ladies at Blizzard WWI 2008

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